Episode 41

- Recorded March 25th, 2012

Bizarre Comicast #41 is online! Comic's got issues and Kris Johnson's needin' tissues. In NEWS Michael Bay earns the wrath of our crew as the NINJA TURTLES might be from space. Who is driving? Bear is driving! How can this be!? We make a QUIK STOP to talk about the CLERKS cartoon, possibly coming back for 2013!

In REVIEWS, Kris & Sean agree that BATMAN can no longer be denied as book of the week; the Court Of Owls is the scariest thing to happen in comics since Fredrick Wertham (says Sean... 'cause he's a sissy). We encounter the GODS OF MARS as Sean lavishes praise on the manifestly excellent storytelling of Ramón Pérez. Finally, we sanction X-SANCTION, the worst of the week!

All this, and more, in Bizarre Comicast #41!


Sean's Pick - Invincible Iron Man #514

KRIS'S PICK - Batman #7

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