Episode 27

- Recorded November 27th, 2011

BiZaRre CoMiCaSt #27 is online! The bohemian boys of books are back with all things comic-related. This week in news we're talkin' the announcement of the BOOSTER GOLD television show, DARK KNIGHT RISES being set eight years in the future, and the return of the one, the only (sort of), HUMAN TORCH! In reviews, we're "bourne" again as CAPTAIN AMERICAN & BUCKY gets into the Cold War, school might be out... FOREVER in WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN, and a mini-review of THE MUPPETS makes our inner child smile.

And in our final segment, we're talking INFOBAHN with Juno-nominated Hip-Hop artist JUS RANDY (formerly May 19 of Brassmunk); he's here to promote his latest album and talk about his love for all things comics!

All this week, and more, on BiZaRre CoMiCaSt #27!

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