The comic book podcast to end all podcasts! Each week, Kris Johnson, Sean Clement, non-comic fan Alex Johnson (what a twist!) and assorted guests deliver news, reviews and whatever the hell else they feel like that relates to the four-colour world of folks prancing around in spandex pajamas. With an eye towards both the Mainstream and Indie Comics Communities, the Bizarre Comicast brings you interviews with current comic pros as well as the lesser-known talents you need to be made aware of.



- Recorded April 14th, 2013

The BiZaRrE CoMiCs Crew come together for the final EpIsoDe (for now) of our beloved show!

In NeWs - Marvel's cold war ends with WINTER SOLDIER #19! CAPTAIN AMERICA 2's production hints at a new costume for STEVE ROGERS! The Interwebs explode with the SAGA 12-saga & Brian K. Vaughan apologizes to APPLE after a COMIXOLOGY mistake! And Kris J. Johnson explains why sometimes opinions, including his own, aren't always important!

In ReViEwS - THOR brings the lightning in not one but two series this week! THE UNCANNY AVENGERS #6 delights Kris with its fights, fists, and furious swiggin' of mead! It's APOCALYPSE THEN as THOR has an axe to grind! Sean Allan Clement's man-love of THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #7 continues through the ages as JASON ARRON crafts a legendary run on Marvel's current best title! NORSE HERO, OR HOW I LEARNED TO LOVE THE GOD BOMB! And finally, The Gentleman Ginge enters a NEW UNIVERSE as AVENGERS #9!


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